In 2017 we opened with the collaboration of the Ajuntament de Juneda and the economic support of the Diputació de Lleida and La Caixa, the new center for nature and wildlife Vimferri.

From the beginning, our vocation to learn and take care of animals has been well marked. We have everything in the farm and the pet room. In addition, we coexist and work with them in the day to day work of the farm and the workshops.

In the case of horses, we add an important social element since we use them to work on equestrian therapies at the Manresa Foundation.

This time we wanted to take a step further and get into the world of wildlife. But what we were looking for was to do it in a way in which, apart from being able to enjoy and learn from this diversity of fauna that we have in our territory, we could do it by helping these animal species and participating actively in their recovery and its conservation.

For this reason we decided to collaborate with the Department of the Environment creating a center that welcomes the unrecoverable animals of the various fauna recovery centers of Catalonia. And that these animals could live here in the best conditions and at the same time we could learn from them and we could understand the importance of preserving them and taking care of them.

El nou centre està ubicat dins el recinte de la granja escola tot i que n’està separat i ben delimitat. Aquesta nova instal·lació està tancada i protegida pel fet que alberga animals salvatges, els quals no poden estar exposats al públic tot el dia com passa amb els de la granja.

Els animals allotjats al centre poden ser aus, rèptils i mamífers autòctons, procedents del Centre de Recuperació de Fauna de Vallcalent o d’altres centres de Catalunya amb el mateix reconeixement. Aquests animals són irrecuperables. Per tant, no poden ser alliberats a la natura altre cop per motiu físic (seqüel·la o lesió), o d’adaptació (per exemple perquè són cadells que s’han hagut de pujar amb biberó i ja estan acostumats a les persones).

La nostra intenció és que aquests animals trobin en el centre unes condicions òptimes per viure, el més semblants possible a les que es troben vivint en llibertat.

Igualment, volem col·laborar en tots els projectes que estiguin dins les nostres possibilitats com podrien ser projectes de cria en captivitat; estudis comportamentals d’alguna espècie; etc. Sempre comptant amb el vistiplau del Departament de Medi Ambient.

On the other hand, in the educational sphere, we will take care that we take care of these animals so that children and the public in general can learn and enjoy these wild animals so hard to observe in freedom. At the same time, we will try to motivate everyone in respect for autochthonous fauna and for the environment in general.

We will also offer our facilities to people who carry out university studies and / or research of these animal species that we will host.

The center is divided into enclosures of different sizes depending on the species you have to live in. It has facilities for daines, deer, deer roe, muleons, Hispanic goats, wild boars, teji, marmots, rays, riders, fagines, vultures, turtles, frogs and all kinds of birds of prey (eagles, dukes, hawks, owls, shots …)

The center also has a classroom of nature where we will do the workshops and we will have all the information about the various animals in the center. In addition, in this nature classroom we can see projected images of the live owl nest and more cameras are being prepared to see other interesting and hidden corners of the center.

Concluding, to emphasize our priority that is Environmental Education. We think that it is very important that everyone and especially children learn about and appreciate our natural heritage. Only in this way will we be able to conserve and improve the state of flora and fauna of Catalonia and the whole planet.

And we also believe that the center can become an important added value for Juneda and we hope you enjoy them all.


Workshops with animals

In our desire to make children aware of our natural heritage, we take advantage of the fact that we are taking care of these animals so that we can learn a lot.


From the beginning, our vocation to learn and take care of animals has been well marked. We have everything in the farm and the pet room. In addition, we coexist and work with them in the day to day of the farm and the workshops.